Reviews & Testimonials for Arsalon Badri


  • I have never given an online review for any other person or business before. But Arsalon is an exceptional person, and people need to know that. 

    If you are looking for the perfect realtor, you have found him. His name is Arsalon Badri. Look no further. Don't bother wasting your time with other realtors. And I really mean that. He is that good. Allow me to explain. 

    I needed to sell my mom's house and for a good price. I am generally unfamiliar with Sacramento County real estate. I contacted Arsalon and two other separate realtors who all had good online reviews. 

    I called all three realtors around the same time on the same day. I left voicemails for all three. I also asked all three realtors to look at my mom's house and get back to me. I also proposed a listing price for the house--knowing that the price was pretty high--but I thought why not try it? 

    Arsalon was the first to call me back. He called me back within a very short period of time. After many hours had passed, one of the other realtors I called, texted me that she had received my voicemail message and that she would get back to me later. The third realtor I called never even called me back. 

    A few days later after having heard nothing from the realtor that had texted me, I called her: her assistant answered and said that she was going to look at my mom's property the next day and call me back. I never heard from her again. 

    When we spoke over the phone I immediately liked Arsalon. He was friendly, very polite, positive, upbeat, professional, and very knowledgeable; he answered all of my (numerous) questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. I was impressed; and I am not easily impressed. It became clear to me that Arsalon was a hard worker with a lot of meaningful knowledge and experience in selling Sacramento County homes. It also became clear that Arsalon was going to spend a considerable amount of energy in efforts to sell my mom's house for the highest price possible. That was exactly what I wanted. And that is exactly what I got. 

    Arsalon quickly viewed my mom's house and made a number of smart suggestions as to how the home could be cleaned up and marketed. I hired Arsalon and we were off and running. Arsalon knew and contacted local professionals needed to clean the home at a reasonable price. 

    I knew the home needed painting inside and out, and that the front and back yards were a mess. I suggested a credit to the buyer to pay for those needs. The house was then listed for sale; Arsalon held an open house on the property a few days later. Arsalon spoke with a number of prospective buyers at the open house and asked them what they liked and didn't like about the property. He paid attention to them and noted what their concerns were. 

    Two weeks later Arsalon held a second open house on the property. Not many realtors do that. Again, this produced a number of prospective buyers. Many expressed interest in the property but also voiced concerns. Arsalon kept track of those concerns and discussed them with me. 

    I examined the house with Arsalon in light of the concerns expressed by potential buyers. I agreed with Arsalon that the problems of the house needed to be corrected. Arsalon then very quickly contacted a contractor he knew who gave me a reasonable quote on the work. I accepted the quote and the contractor began the work. 

    We took the house off the market to have the work performed. While the contractor was still finishing up the painting of the house, a prospective buyer looked the house over and made a FULL PRICE OFFER to purchase the house. 

    Arsalon has a quick mind and the ability to rapidly identify, assess and then overcome problems and obstacles. Arsalon stays well-informed and his knowledge of real estate is astonishing. Arsalon's attention to detail is remarkable. We had to deal with a number of issues before escrow closed. Arsalon overcame all the challenges quickly and gracefully. Arsalon shepherded the sale of my mom's house through closing smoothly and without a glitch. 

    Arsalon's demeanor also bears noting: He is always polite, friendly, modest, upbeat, highly competent, courteous (while courtesy is becoming all too rare these days); Arsalon is truly a pleasure to do business with. So, why would you hire anyone else? 

    Arsalon is also easy to reach when you need him: he answers his phone and he calls you back promptly when you leave him a message. If you have got a problem, he knows how to solve it, and how to solve it properly and quickly. 

    Don't just settle for some mediocre realtor who is not really interested in serving your needs, who does little for you and then ultimately disappoints you.

    Buying or selling your home is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your life; For such an event you should hire the very best: And the name of the very best is Arsalon Badri. 

    Put Arsalon on your team, you will be happy you did. -------Jonathan G.


  • If you are looking for a realtor that gives 110% to his clients I have a guy for you! From the minute we contacted Arsalon he treated us like we were family. 
    Day or night he was there for us answering our many questions and concerns. He made the process of selling our house very quick and painless. I would highly recommend Arsalon to any of my friends and family. Thank you again Arsalon for everything you did for us! ---- David and Christy S.


  • The short version: Arsalon is the best Real Estate agent I have ever had. Absolutely kind and understanding person, responds to all my needs and questions 24/7. Like he is working all the time. Whenever I call, he always picks up the phone - I was never sent to voice mail. To each email he  responds within minutes. While being so helpful and nice to me, he does everything to my best interests. Selling my house with Arsalon was as easy as it could ever be. He did all the paperwork and and document handling, I just needed to put my signature on documents (so many documents) for each he patiently explained to me what it is for. Not only that. Arsalon brought a specialist who prepared the interior for show making the house look like a model home. Each show of the house was scheduled and potential buyers were "pre-screened", so only "good match" was selected for show. It made my live so much easier during that time (we were still living in the house). And the bottom line was that the house was sold in 10 days from the day I met Arsalon, for much more than I was expecting (sold above the asking price), and the deal was closed in less than 30 days. My relation with Arsalon did not end at the day of closing. Arsalon still helps me with my move out of the house and returning the property to the new owner. Thank you Arsalon. You are the best of the best. ----Richard


  • After working briefly with another unresponsive realtor, I called a friend who recommended Arsalon. I called him that same day and the next day we were out looking at homes, found one we loved and closed on the house 30 days later. Arsalon was GREAT. He is knowledgeable and totally on it, always  professional and a pleasure to work with. No matter the time he always responded to our questions and even hooked us up with a better lender. We are two weeks into our new home and we couldn't be happier. My husband and I would recommend him in a heartbeat! ----Stephanie


  • Arsalon helped us to sell our home, and our experience was great. He is very professional, he always delivered what he promise, and most important he has a great amount of patience. we had some downs when we were trying to sell our home but he was very patience at explaining how the real estate  market works. I definitely recommend his services! ---Jenny


  • Arsalon is the second realtor my husband and I worked with, and let me tell you I wish I was recommended to him first to save me the trouble with the first realtor!!! I told Arsalon that I was a very picky person and he was going to have his work cut out with me... He made everything run smooth, he  is a very patient person, always available, responsive to my calls, and he went the extra mile every time we went to look at houses.. He is everything you need in a GREAT realtor... In the future, Arsalon will be the only person I call to sell or buy a home!! Thank you Arsalon for helping us find our first home!!! ---Elisa


  • Arsalon fought hard to sell my house and worked to barter between multiple buyers to get me the most money.  He was very professional and set up contractor for some needed repairs that I needed don't to the house.  I'd definitely recommend for anyone selling their home. ---Joe



  • We give a completely full five star review to OUR REALTOR ARSALON BADRI(FIVE DIAMOND REALTY) we just currently closed and complete purchasing a home again after short sale,ARSALON BADRI so kind, very patience, very knowledgeable,friendly, easy to talk we can't really express how gratetful me and  my husband to have him as our realtor, he did really explores our goal to find a home that will suit our entire family looking for and did 100% work with us from the day one were referred to him, he kept us always update for every changes in our loan I would recommend above 100% ARSALON BADRI using him, highly recommend. ---Carolina